Entrusting someone to help alleviate your pain is a big ask for most people. This is one of the many reasons why I am so passionate about my craft and why I decided to dedicate my life to the welfare of others.

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, my job is to help get rid of your pain and have you perform at the highest possible level.

Our healthcare system is broken, especially when it comes to rehabilitation.

Here is usually the sequence of events when someone gets injured…

Something happens suddenly (trauma) or there is an ongoing issue where you finally decide enough is enough and it’s time to get this taken care of.

You go to your Doctor or Orthopedic in desperate search of help.

You get them for maybe 5 minutes.

They move your arm or leg around a little and say something along the lines of, “eh, it’s probably just ___ (insert any bs diagnosis you can think of). You should try Physical Therapy 2-3x/week for 4 weeks. If this is still an issue, come back”.

…. Sound familiar? 😉

You go to your Physical Therapist, fill out a boatload of paperwork and are finally ready to be seen.

The evaluation and assessment went great. You now have a real idea of what is going on and a game plan to help fix the problem.

You return for your next visit….


You do not see the original therapist who did your evaluation and the therapist you are seeing also has 1-2 other patients at the same time.

They ask you a bunch of questions you already answered and did some testing that you already completed.

They are bouncing around trying to serve multiple people at once and also on their computers desperately trying to keep up with their insurance-required documentation.

You get a lousy experience which leads to mediocre results which then leads to a bias of what you think Physical Therapy is.

Do you know why it works like this?

It is because the PT clinic is DEPENDENT on insurance reimbursement in order to get paid.

Your insurance company therefore dictates the treatment YOU receive.

The clinic therefore MUST schedule multiple people at once to cover their overhead and try to squeeze out a profit.

Does that seem fair?

No, not in the slightest.

This is why Relentless Performance does not take insurance.

YOU deserve better.

YOUR pain deserves more attention.

YOUR insurance company will never dictate MY VALUE, which is a reflection of how they see YOU.

Just a number. Just a recurring deposit in the ol’ account.

You are more than that to me.

You are part of a community that is results-driven.

I am your Doctor of Physical Therapy, and I have your back (no pun intended).

Least viable paperwork required.

One therapist, your therapist.

Minimal overlap between appointments.

Attention to detail.

What does all of this get you?


Thank you for being a part of our community.


Dr. Pete Inserillo

Relentless Performance

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